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Light It Up Supporters

Our 2012 Light It Up capital campaign successfully raised over $200,000 in private donations toward Eternity Playhouse’s equipment, furnishings, commissioning and launch.

Eternity Playhouse auditorium. Photo by Brett Boardman 

The money donated by our Light It Up supporters helped fund:

  • The purchase and installation of theatre sound equipment
  • Part funding of the lighting equipment and its installation and commissioning
  • The purchase and installation of Box Office and Front of House point of sale systems and bar equipment
  • Part funding of foyer furniture
  • The purchase and installation of office equipment
  • The launch and marketing of Eternity Playhouse as a new destination theatre in Sydney

We are eternally grateful to the following supporters who helped us fit out and ‘light up’ our beautiful new theatre.

LEADERS ($10,000+)

The Davies Foundation
James N Kirby Foundation
Kevin Farmer and Madison McKoy
Maria Stafford and Kevin Morgan
The Johnson Family Foundation
Altaire Productions and Publications
The Nick Enright Estate

ADVOCATES ($5,000 - $9,999)

Dr David Nguyen
Roger Hewitt
Fiona Floyd and Alain Rondot
Ian Barnett
The Seaborn Broughton and Walford Foundation
The Kachoyan Family
Lynette Sheridan Burns
Eric Van Werven
Duncan McKay
Lorraine and Paul Young
Greg Wilken
Edward and Anne Simpson
Paul Robertson, Lenore Robertson, Amy Robertson, Stuart Robertson
Andrew Mackenzie
Robert Eadie

SUPPORTERS ($1,000 - $4,999)

Darren Conlon & Dominic Tayco
Debbie Tilley
Amanda Bishop
Mark Daly
Juliana Payne
Ian Learmonth
Brian McLoughlin
John and Maryse Corrigan
Jackie Campisi
Matthew Grey and Richard Fiora
Rhana Pike
Buster, Leroy and Rocco
Jack and Carol Flanagan
John Morris
Sue Donnelly
Adam and Vicki Liberman
Maisy and Ian Stapleton
Kate Smith and Jess Jennings
Roxarne Moon
Camilla Ah Kin
Greg Millin
Christopher Forrest and Zoë Harpham
Margaret Willard
In loving memory of Irenaeus and Agnes
Colin Smith
Deanne and Michael Hardwick
Sandra and Jon Levenston
Pamela Taylor
The Armour Family
Anonymous and Family
The Cast of ‘The Mouse Trap’ 2012
Jenny and Peter Solomon
Nicky Gluyas Management
Harvey Sanders and Sheba Greenberg
Helen Tonkin
Rick McPhee
Helen O'Connor
Laurence Coy
Alex Broun
Dr John M Donnellan
Suzie Miller and Gabriel and Sasha Beech-Jones
Irma Trnka and Nicholas Papademetriou
Chris Schutte
Rodney Hanratty and John Lam-Po-Tang
Sue Barnett & Associates
Lachlan Menzies
Victor Baskir
Peta Einberg Casting
Adrian Slater and Chantal Gilroy
Drs Victor and Karen Wayne
Sketch Evolution Pty Limited
Jono Gavin
Di Smith
Meredith Brooks
Mary and Tony Kirwan
John and Louise Ferreira
Peter, Valerie, Andrew and Kate Henry
Susie Maizels, Maizels Pty Ltd
Robert Mann and Gabby Potrykus
Philip R Bell
Matt Kinnear
Emeritus Professor Adrian Lee
Chris and Trevor Troy
Andrew Mackie and Stephen Holford
Matt Devine and Simon Gilmore
Leof and Pauline Kingsford-Smith
Caroline J Mackie
Alex Byrne and Sue Hearn
Dr. Elizabeth Hovey
Jim Behringer
Karen Foley and Geoff Gardner
Brett and Victoria Kvisle
Kathrin King
Pondy Nikakis
Ian Phipps
Richard Cottrell and John Turnbull
Bisanna Tiles
Andrew Pringle and Alan Leung
Margaret Antunes
Larry Galbraith
Serafin Martinez and Thai Loi
Lee Lewis and Brett Boardman
David and Julie Jenkins
Neil and Nell Cram
Rob Brookman and Verity Laughton
Peter Demou
Chris Cooper
Richard Fiora and Matthew Grey
Actors Centre Australia
The 2012 Darlinghurst Theare Company team that made this happen - Emma Peel Eadie, Alexandra Barber, Glenn Terry, Gemma Coward and Elizabeth Jenkins

DONORS ($1-$999)

Irena Nebenzahl
Jon Glass
Warren and Hazel Ghisla
Laurel Tsang
Fiona Press
Sue Pick
John Keightley
Doug Scroope
Leslie Leo
Jan S Goldfeder
Michael Manuell
Ruth McConville
Kevin Domnic Tanner
Nicholas Hammond
Raymond Basha
Malcolm Frawley
Nadia Predan
Astrid O'Neill
Max Oliver
Kim Knuckey
Peta Landman
Frances and David Bailey
Anna Kettle
Phillip Scott
James Beach
Robert Green Legal

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