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We celebrate Moogahlin Performing Arts


We sat down with co-founders, Liza-Mare Syron, Lily Shearer and Fred Copperwaite who share why this brilliant company was formed and the kinds of work they've made over the last 12 years.

"The spirits of our ancestors still walk with us and still guide us - and that's the base of my practice - believing strongly in the land and letting the land and the ancestors provide" - Lily Shearer. 

Moogahlin Performing Arts is one of Australia's leading First Peoples Theatre Companies. Moogahlin (Muu-gaaarl-in) is a Yuin/Bunndjalung word meaning to play or fool about. First formed in Redfern in 2007 in honour of late Kevin Smith's request and in memory of the founding members of the Blak Theatre, this year the company celebrates 10 years since corporation.

It is an honour to have Moogahlins' three co-founders and co-artistic directros collaborate with Darlinghurst Theatre Company in bringing Jane Harrison's Drover Award winning play, Rainbow's End to our stage. 

Playing 10 August - 1 September
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Posted 06 Aug 2019

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